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Vitamins and supplements are essential to life

"Adam and Eve ate the first vitamins, including the package".
- Squibb pharmaceuticals

Do you? Yes. To maintain a good and vibrant health, we all need to eat vitamins too. Every bite of an apple, strawberry, papaya or juicy water melon delivers some amount of vitamin goodness to us.

But what exactly are these substances and how much do I need to be healthy?

What Are Vitamins?

Vitamins are naturally occurring (organic) chemical substances found in food and fruits which are required in very small amounts to maintain important chemical functions in the body. They're also available in the form of vitamin supplements. Vitamins are a lot like cement or mortar needed in building blocks.

A healthy body is only able to make use of the proteins, carbohydrates, and fat in our diet to build new tissues, regenerate our systems and protect us against diseases and function properly when we have the right vitamins in our food.

Interestingly, as important as vitamins are, the body lacks the ability to manufacture most on its own. Instead, it must rely on outside sources to meet its nutritional needs.

Vitamins and supplements are needed to create the enzymes and hormones that, among other things, control heart rate, blood pressure, glucose levels, hair texture, skin smoothness, fertility and other chemical reactions. Some vitamins in high dose can even be used in curing diseases. An example is the use of vitamin A in the treatment of acne.

Your Questions Answered

Vitamin supplements

Can you see why vitamins are very essential part of our diet? Yet, it is something many of us do not give much attention to.

Are you here looking for information on vitamins? Wondering what are the functions of a particular vitamin? What are the symptoms of a particular vitamin deficiency? What is the recommended daily dose or intake and foods or best vitamin supplements to get?

Get expert info on vitamins and supplements here. We do not only provide you access to getting vitamins online, you will get professional guide and info on their functions, vitamin deficiency illnesses due to poor intake, recommended daily intake for the various vitamins, and many many more useful information.

You will also be able to ask specific questions and get answers too from our in-house experts on this subject.

Yes. Join us as we discuss in greater detail the various vitamins, minerals, trace elements, which food item contains which vitamin, natural supplements, herbal supplements , diseases associated with vitamin deficiencies , vitamin overdose , and all you need to know about vitamins and supplements.

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