Food Sources of Vitamin A

Sources of vitamin A could be natural food sources or as supplements. Vitamin A food source includes food of both animal and plant origin.

Fish liver oil is one of the best naturally-occurring sources of Vitamin A. The richest natural source of vitamin A is liver. Just a 5g of liver would deliver the amount of vitamin required for the day. An ounce of polar bear liver contains enough vitamin A that can kill any one!

Eating excessive amount of liver then could put one at risk of vitamin A overdose and toxicity. This is especially important in pregnant women, who must watch their intake of vitamin A, as excessive intake of vitamin A during pregnancy leads to severe defects in the child. Beta carotene is safer and will provide all the vitamin A needed, without causing toxicity, even in high dose.

Cod and halibut are good sources of vitamin A as well. In addition, Vitamin A is also found in eggs and milk, mozzarella cheeses, fruits and vegetables.

Fruits with high vitamin A levels include :

• nectarines

• spinach

• sweet potatoes

• cantaloupes

• dried apricots

• carrots

• mandarin oranges

• palm fruit or palm oil

• plums

• watermelons

• mangos.

Dark green and brightly-coloured vegetables such as kale, collard greens, escarole, chicory, endive, romaine lettuce, broccoli, peas, carrots, red pepper, pumpkin, squash, turnips, sweet potato and tomatoes are all excellent natural sources of Vitamin A.Plant sources of vitamin A come as carotenes and needs to be converted to vitamin A in the intestine, and then stored in the liver.

One moderate sized carrot contains over 2000 RE (Retinol Equivalent – the unit in which vitamin A activity is measured), and one spear of broccoli contains about 230 RE of vitamin A. See how this compares to the recommended daily allowance of vitamin A here.

Properly cooking these vegetables is essential for the release of vitamin from them. Vitamin A is very good at maintaining its nature even when heated over a wide range of temperature.

Vitamin A can however be lost if cooked in high heat in the presence of bright light. A photo reaction takes place, losing its activity.

Eating a fat free diet could lead to poor absorption of vitamin A, as it is needed for absorption. Consumption of large amount of alcohol and excessive intake of iron containing foods can also reduce vitamin A absorption and availability.

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