Vitamin A Supplements

Vitamin A supplements are required to augment vitamin A intake, or used in treatment of vitamin A deficiency.

Excessive alcohol intake, consumption of low fat diet, use of anti lipids medication like Cholestyramine or Colestipol, excessive coffee consumption, or iron overload are conditions that can lead to poor vitamin A levels in the body, requiring augmentation with vitamin A supplements.

Pregnancy, lactation, infancy and old age can also exert a great toll on one’s vitamin A requirement for various reasons.

Vitamin A food supplements are sold as retinyl acetate, retinal, retinyl palmitate and retinol. These contain between 500 and 4000 RE of vitamin A.

Other food supplements of vitamin A are sold as a combined formulation with vitamin D, as in Halibut-liver Oil capsules in the United Kingdom. Halycitrol is one of such too.

Vitamin A food supplements could also be provided by beta carotene preparations. These are converted in the intestine to proper vitamin A. They are in fact safer for use in pregnancy, as one can not take a toxic dose.

A popular online source of vitamin A food supplements is or . Vitamin A food supplements are also sold at . You can see other sections on vitamin A and related topics through the links below.

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